We may be of the same height but you can be sure,we are not of the same depth!

what rocked my boat could have  sank yours.

What shook my tree could have uprooted and blew away yours. We may share the same plane cabin today,but we hadn’t traveled the same length of distance on rough and deadly roads in deadly times in rickety vehicles.

We may drive the same brand and model of vehicles,but we didn’t trekked the same length of distance.

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Toju iwa re, ore mi;

 Ola a ma si lo n’ile eni,

 Ewa a si ma si l’ara enia,

 Olowo oni ‘nd’olosi b’o d’ola.

 Okun l’ola; okun n’igbi oro,

 Gbogbo won l’o nsi lo n’ile eni;

 Sugbon iwa ni m’ba ni de sare’e.

 Iwa l’ewa omo enia.wp-1488534045885.jpeg

 Bi o l’owo bi o ko ni’wa nko?

 Tani je f’inu tan e ba s’ohun rere?

Tabi ki o je obirin rogbodo;

 Ti o ba jina si’wa ti eda nfe,

 Tani je fe o s’ile bi aya?

 Tabi ki o je onijibiti enia;

 Bi o tile mo iwe amodaju,

 Tani je gbe’se aje fun o se?

 Toju Iwa re, ore mi,

 Iwa ko si, eko d’egbe;

 Gbogbo aiye ni ‘nfe ‘ni t’o je rere.


Enhance your character, my friend;

Prosperity may depart from one’s home,

Beauty may retreat from the body,

And today’s rich could become poor tomorrow.

Prosperity is like ocean surf; and wealth is an ocean wave,

They come and go from one’s home as they please;

But, only good character follows one to the grave.

Money is not everything to someone,

 Good character is the beauty of a mortal.

What if you are wealthy without good character?

Who would trust you with something serious?

Perhaps, you are a gorgeous woman;

If you are far from societal norms,

Who would marry you as a wife?

Or you are a fraudulent person;

May be you are well educated,

Who would transact business with you?

Enhance your character, my friend,

In the absence of character, education is a waste;

The whole world appreciates a well mannered person.