We may be of the same height but you can be sure,we are not of the same depth!

what rocked my boat could have  sank yours.

What shook my tree could have uprooted and blew away yours. We may share the same plane cabin today,but we hadn’t traveled the same length of distance on rough and deadly roads in deadly times in rickety vehicles.

We may drive the same brand and model of vehicles,but we didn’t trekked the same length of distance.

We may eat in the same restaurant today but we have not suffered hunger with the same intensity.

We may wear the same designer today,but we don’t have the same number of rags.

We may have the same daily,weekly,monthly or yearly income but we do not  share the same length and intensity of business failures, depression,rejection cycle.
The experiences and depth of men shield them from crashing under the various pressures,winds and storms of life,just like the root of the trees do the same.

When I see great height,I ask to see the depth.
When I see awesome glory,I ask to see the story.

Because I am very convinced that:
There is no glory,without story.
Eni to ba n tan lai ni itan,ko ni pe tan (Yoruba).

Everyone celebrate results but only very few bother to ask for the “behind the scene” story, and the few take the Barton  of greatness.

Hmmm…..Depth enforces humility,
Depth fuels stability and longevity.

I celebrate every humble men and women of depth that has gone ahead of me,going with me and coming after me.

Depth is life…
Life is rich when it is deep!

5 thoughts on “DEPTH 

  1. This is deep. I love the Yoruba adage that you threw in there. This got me thinking that the essence of life is depth. For what is life without insight? It becomes a shallow passage devoid of meaning. I like this writing a lot.

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