Toju iwa re, ore mi;

 Ola a ma si lo n’ile eni,

 Ewa a si ma si l’ara enia,

 Olowo oni ‘nd’olosi b’o d’ola.

 Okun l’ola; okun n’igbi oro,

 Gbogbo won l’o nsi lo n’ile eni;

 Sugbon iwa ni m’ba ni de sare’e.

 Iwa l’ewa omo enia.wp-1488534045885.jpeg

 Bi o l’owo bi o ko ni’wa nko?

 Tani je f’inu tan e ba s’ohun rere?

Tabi ki o je obirin rogbodo;

 Ti o ba jina si’wa ti eda nfe,

 Tani je fe o s’ile bi aya?

 Tabi ki o je onijibiti enia;

 Bi o tile mo iwe amodaju,

 Tani je gbe’se aje fun o se?

 Toju Iwa re, ore mi,

 Iwa ko si, eko d’egbe;

 Gbogbo aiye ni ‘nfe ‘ni t’o je rere.


Enhance your character, my friend;

Prosperity may depart from one’s home,

Beauty may retreat from the body,

And today’s rich could become poor tomorrow.

Prosperity is like ocean surf; and wealth is an ocean wave,

They come and go from one’s home as they please;

But, only good character follows one to the grave.

Money is not everything to someone,

 Good character is the beauty of a mortal.

What if you are wealthy without good character?

Who would trust you with something serious?

Perhaps, you are a gorgeous woman;

If you are far from societal norms,

Who would marry you as a wife?

Or you are a fraudulent person;

May be you are well educated,

Who would transact business with you?

Enhance your character, my friend,

In the absence of character, education is a waste;

The whole world appreciates a well mannered person.

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